2013 Results

CAT 34 - Advertising Photography (PH)


Publicis Shanghai (CHINA)

Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation, Charity: "Prostitution of Children" Campaign
"Cheap Flesh" & "Early Retired"

Agency (& City): Publicis Shanghai

Chief Creative Officer(s): Sheena Jeng

Executive Creative Director(s): Akae Wang

Copywriter(s): Akae Wang / Kevin Yuan / Ray Chan

Art Director(s): Hsieh Chun-Te

Photographer(s): Hsieh Chun-Te

Typographer(s): Brian Chiang / Jincheng Li

Art Buyer: Terri Yuan

Account Supervisor: Chenghua Yang

Account Manager: Carrie Tu

Planner: Sheena Jeng

Short explanation

With China's rapid economic development, "prostitution" is also booming. More and more Chinese girls become prostitutes because of poverty or fraud and other reasons. We launched the "Rescue child prostitute" series. The core idea is to depict the booming prostitution industry - through the "black innuendo". Both text and images are trying to show the industry's "advantage": low cost, low unemployment and early retirement. Economic reports with innuendo and intense photography style are used to reveal the contents of the industry that is hidden in the prosperous economic. The aim is to appeal to people to face the issue and rescue these underage girls.