2013 Results

CAT 36 - Graphic Design (GD)



Madam Films: "Madam Films Brand Identity"36-00632-GD

Agency (& City): BETC London

Creative Director(s): Neil Dawson

Copywriter(s): Clive Pickering

Art Director(s): Simon Morris

Photographer(s): Rory Carnegie

Head of Design: Louise Sloper

Designer: Dave Towers

Short explanation

When coming up with their new company name the ladies recognised that there's a compelling provocative resonance between the role of a production company and that historically of 'madams' – a highly skilled and bespoke service to fulfil, in this case, creative fantasies.
BETC London has worked with MADAM to produce a stunning visual identity and branding palette bringing a hint of sauce, femininity and strength that truly represents the ethos of the new agency.
At the heart of the identity are photographed images of lingerie flesh imprints revealing the MADAM name along recognisable lingerie areas such as the garter, knickers and bra lines. The photographs become the basis of a distinctive visual identity, skin tones become the palette and skin itself the blank canvas to be used for all key branding including the website, stationary and business cards.


MADAM is a leading young London based production company offering our Clients unparalleled care in bringing the best in creative production solutions across multiple platforms. Recent news includes the addition of awarded and renowned photographer, Rory Carnegie, to the roster for commercial film representation. Inaugural Clients include BBC, LG and Johnson & Johnson.