2013 Results

CAT 36 - Graphic Design (GD)


Y&R Beijing (CHINA)

WENFANGJUSHE Co., Moleskine: "Every one has a story"36-02710-GD

Agency (& City): Y&R Beijing

Creative Director(s): Ronnie Wu/Donghai Liu/Nils Andersson

Copywriter(s): Odding Wang/Nils Andersson

Art Director(s): Odding Wang/Nils Andersson

Photographer(s): Jinlong Li

Film Director(s): Meng Yang

Illustrator(s): Odding Wang

Graphic Design: Odding Wang

Short explanation

Moleskine is a well known brand among artists and creative people. Using three famous masters from different areas and telling their life time stories with Moleskine notebook itself as the media.