2013 Results

CAT 38 - Packaging Design (PAC)


Bedow (SWEDEN)

Mikkeller, Beer: "Mikkeller + Bedow"38-00053-PAC

Agency (& City): Bedow (Stockholm)

Creative Director(s): Perniclas Bedow

Graphic Design: Anders Bollman

Short explanation

The idea behind the design is to focus on the transition between the seasons. This was made possible with a heat sensitive ink and two symbols. When the beer is cold a symbol representing the previous season is shown, but when the bottle is empty or when a warm hand grips the bottle the heat sensitive ink fades away leaving a symbol representing the current season.

To highlight the effect of the heat sensitive ink the design is as quiet as possible. At the same time the minimalist design opposes the traditional expression of beer packaging.

The challenge was to interpret the four seasons in an interesting way. The key objective was to create a spectacular packaging that would build the brand Mikkeller as a progressive brewery.


Ever since former physics teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø started his brewery Mikkeller in Copenhagen he’s been experimenting with malt, hop, yeast and water and managed to brew beer that reminds of flavors ranging from champagne to fried bacon.

During 2012 Mikkeller was about to release a series of four limited beers inspired by the Scandinavian seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Instead of getting stuck in traditional beer design the packaging was supposed to reflect Mikkellers progressive approach to the traditional craft.