2013 Results

CAT 38 - Packaging Design (PAC)



Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire: "Electro"38-00543-PAC

Agency (& City): Webb deVlam London

Creative Director(s): Dominic Burke/ John-Paul Hunter

Senior Designers: Damien Fournival/ Lizzy Fisher

Manufacturers: Karl Knauer KG & ROX Asia Ltd.

Short explanation

This Global Travel Retail package is the latest in a line of engaging and intriguing designs that compel the viewer to take a closer look. In the busy Global Travel Retail sector, the challenge is to grab the attention of travellers who are in a hurry and are confronted by a wealth of purchasing options. Electro immediately draws the eye with its electroluminescent ink design inspired by Bombay Sapphire’s brand philosophy of “Infused With Imagination”. When picked up off the shelf, a hidden mechanical switch activates a current which runs through the pathways in sequence, creating a mesmerizing cascading effect.