2013 Results

CAT 38 - Packaging Design (GD)


Leo Burnett Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Diageo Australia, Bundaberg Rum: "Bundy Bottle"38-02203-GD

Agency (& City): Leo Burnett Sydney

Creative Director(s): Vince Lagana/Grant McAloon

Copywriter(s): Michael Dawson/Mark Schoeller

Art Director(s): Ben Alden/Chris Moreira

Photographer(s): Christopher Ireland

Agency Producer(s): Jeremy Devilliers/Adrian Jung/Ronald Regis

Laser Embellishing: Blazze Laser Embellishing

Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo

Short explanation

Brief: After the streets of Bundaberg were inundated by the worst floods in its history, a limited edition rum was created to draw people back to the town. Called ‘Road to Recovery’, the bottles were emblazoned with the names of Bundy’s flood-affected streets. All proceeds from the rum would be donated to restoring the streets of Bundaberg. We needed to produce a package that would capture the spirit of this idea.

Creative solution: This unique package perfectly replicates the streets of Bundaberg, reclaiming them from the floodwaters. They were auctioned off at the Distillery event, raising money for the relief effort.

Results: 6000 people came to Bundy injecting an estimated 2.5 million into the local economy. Sales of Road to Recovery raised $300,000 for flood relief.


Bundaberg Rum