2013 Results

CAT 39 - Food & Drink Interactive (INT)


Deluxe Interactive Moscow (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Bacardi RUS, Bacardi: "Bacardi Party Planner"39-00895-INT

URL: https://vimeo.com/71463529

Agency (& City): Deluxe Interactive Moscow

Creative Director(s): George Pavlenishvili

Art Director(s): Ivan Stepanov

Short explanation

To give people a useful tool through instore-promo to help them quickly and easily select and create cocktails based on Bacardi and Martini for home parties.


Bacardi Party Planner - the world's first device that teaches people how to buy alcohol and create a refreshing summer cocktail in simple and fun way. The buyer selects the type of party, determines the number of guests and indicates the type of cocktail. As a result, the person receives a leaflet with the exact calculation of the ingredients and the recipe for the purchase of the cocktail ingredients. In addition customer can send this info over e-mail/mms or place it on his wall in Facebook.