2013 Results

CAT 39 - Food & Drink Interactive (INT)


Robert/Boisen & Like-minded (DENMARK)

Anthon Berg: "The Generous Upgrader"39-00921-INT

URL: http://mrtesticle.com/cca/2013/upgrader/

Agency (& City): Robert/Boisen & Like-minded (Copenhagen)

Creative Director(s): Michael Robert

Copywriter(s): James Godfrey

Art Director(s): Heinrich Vejlgaard

Digital Production Company (& City): Molamil, Copenhagen

Programmer(s): Jorge Hernandez, Jakob Elm Mikkelsen, Patrik Svensson, Martin Schiøth Dyrby

Strategist: Søren Christensen

Account Director: Mette Ingemann

Digital Producer: Mathias Birkvad

Short explanation

To demonstrate Anthon Berg’s philosophy of generosity, we turned the humble boarding pass into a ticket to a “delicious flight upgrade”. The Anthon Berg Generous Upgrader was a specially built machine located at various airport terminals. Before boarding flights, passengers could scan their boarding passes at the Generous Upgrader, and using specially developed software that cross-references the information on their boarding pass with information from Seatguru (a company that has mapped and rated seat configurations of airlines around the world) we could tell passengers about the quality of their seat and then upgrade them accordingly. The worse the seat, the bigger the chocolate upgrade.

For once, having a bad seat on a plane was actually a good thing.