2013 Results

CAT 39 - Food & Drink Interactive (INT)


Isobar Netherlands (NETHERLANDS)

Arla Foods, Melkunie: "Melkunie Koeienbingo"39-01556-INT

URL: http://melkunie.isobar.nl/epica/

Agency (& City): Isobar Netherlands

Concept: Jilt Meeder, Taco Zuidema

Account Manager: Bart Kokke

Creative Director(s): Jilt Meeder

Strategist: Sandor Wouters

Copywriter(s): Martijn de Vreeze, Sandor Wouters, Jasna Zolota

Art Director(s): Jilt Meeder, Kevin Kikkert, Koen Koopman

Production Company (& City): Wenneker Amsterdam

Production Company Producer(s): Maurice Wenneker, Frederique van der Hoeven

Technical realisation: Code d'Azur: Marlu Groen, Nazario Fraija Pulido, Rutger van den Broeck, Ting Yuen, Rick Schoo

Agency Producer(s): Joost Kroese, Michelle vd Zee

Graphic Design: Kevin Kikkert, Koen Koopman, Edwin Groot

Media Strategist: Gerke de Groot

Short explanation

Isobar introduces Melkunie Cow Bingo
Cow Bingo was a Facebook campaign that was created to introduce Dutch dairy brand Melkunie on Facebook to activate and engage its fans of the very first hour. The Facebook game enlisted fans to take action on Facebook to participate in a LIVE bingo play with real cows taking the draw from a real pasture.

In Cow Bingo fans are asked to select their favourite five real cows from a real pasture. Each cow is wearing a strap with an ID chip around her neck. When the cows leave the pasture to get milked, they also trigger the scanner to tell the Melkunie Facebook page who leaves first! In this way the cows themselves are making the bingo draw! Because the cows get milked every day, winning is a daily opportunity. Participants can tune-in each day at 16:00 on the Melkunie Facebook page to watch the cow-action LIVE via the webcam and see if their five selected ladies are the first to leave. Winners are awarded an unbelievably pastoral experience amongst the serenity of the cows with Feather Down Farms in the Netherlands.


Arla Foods has recently brought back to the Netherlands the beloved dairy brand Melkunie. Despite the Melkunie’s rich Dutch heritage, cooperate brand mergers saw the brand discontinued a little over twelve years ago; a time when the Internet revolution was still in its infancy.

Melkunie is now back in the supermarkets and wants to make up for lost time! In this new and super hyper-modern advanced world, famous (to the Dutch) spokesperson Peer Mascini has announced in Melkunie’s new TV-commercial that the brand is completely ‘next level’. This next-level thinking has now extended to the brands new Facebook page.