2013 Results

CAT 40 - Consumer Services & Household Interactive (INT)


Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH (GERMANY)

Swisscom AG, Swisscom/ Samsung Galaxy S4: "All eyes on S4."40-00470-INT

URL: http://www.s4-stare-down.com

Agency (& City): HEIMAT, Berlin

CCO/ Founder: Guido Heffels

CCO: Myles Lord

Planning: Andreas Mengele, Sven Koesling

Account Director: Daniel Münch

Account Manager: Christina Müller

Creative Director(s): Guido Heffels, Myles Lord, Michael Schachtner

Copywriter(s): Raphael Hermann, Luis Jähner

Art Director(s): Lucas Schneider

Photographer(s): Tobias Dengler

Production Company (& City): who's mcqueen picture GmbH, Berlin / Zürich

Film Director(s): Kai Sehr

Production Company Producer(s): Rainer Spix, Philipp Petersson, Alke Gessler, Kalle Petersson

Agency Producer(s): Alexander Münzer, Ute Ressler

Digital Production: perfect fools

Digital Producer: Guido van der Meersche, Björn Kummeneje

Editor: Daniel Kunderat

Composer: Christian Menzel, Jan Weigel ("Better with you")

Media Agency: Media Schneider AG

Short explanation

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has eye-tracking technology making it the first Smartphone that knows when you are looking at it. We placed the Samsung S4 inside a special CLP billboard and invited people to stare at the phone for 60 minutes to win it. But during the 60 minutes players were challenged by a number of distractions around the CLP. The whole event was streamed live to a special microsite and a series of live banners on all the major Swiss websites.


Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecoms provider, with 6.3 million mobile customers and around 1.7 million broadband connections (retail).
In 2013, Swisscom and Samsung joined forces to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in Switzerland.