2013 Results

CAT 40 - Consumer Services & Household Interactive (INT)



IKEA, Furniture: "The Second-hand Campaign"40-02698-INT

URL: http://entries.no/ikea/e/k1-secondhand-movie/

Agency (& City): SMFB Oslo

Copywriter(s): Hans Magne Ekre, Alexander Gjersoe

Art Director(s): Hans Magne Ekre, Alexander Gjersoe

Photographer(s): Billy Bonkers

Production Company (& City): Animasjonsdepartementet, Factory

Film Director(s): Marc Reisbig

Production Company Producer(s): Jakob Thommessen

Graphic Design: Nicklas Hellborg

Digital Artwork: Stina Norgren

Web Producer: Christoffer Lorang Dahl

Account Director: Kristian Kristiansen

Account Manager: Hanne Grobstock, Mari Engen, Tonje Skjetne Bjørnerem

Motion Graphic Artist: Arnar Lind Halldorsson

Short explanation

To tell people about IKEA´s focus on sustainability, we found customers about to buy something new at IKEA, and helped them to sell something old. We used our marketing-budget on their second-hand furniture, and shared all of our advertising space online for more than eight weeks.
We also turned IKEA´s page in to Facebooks first digital flea market where people could post and sell their old furniture for free.


Each year IKEA launches hundreds of new arrivals. At the same time they want to show that they have focus on sustainability.