2013 Results

CAT 40 - Consumer Services & Household Interactive (INT)



Carvalho Hosken, Real Estate Ventures: "The Social Home Tour 2.0"40-03199-INT

URL: http://cargocollective.com/entriesforawards/The-Social-Home-Tour-2-0

Agency (& City): Artplan, Rio de Janeiro

Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena

Creative Director(s): Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre

Art Director(s): Augusto Correia, Moacyr Marques

Copywriter(s): João Resende, Rodrigo Lopes

Information Architect: Augusto Correia

Agency Producer: Mariana Veronez

Mockup Designer: Osmar Souza

Production Company: Poster Filmes

Account Executive: Mauro Lopes

Account Director: André Mello

Client Manager: Ricardo Correa

Short explanation

The Social Home Tour 2.0
The showroom apartment that uses Facebook to make people feel at home.

To schedule a visit to the showroom apartment, people had to use their Facebook login, granting us access to their profile information. This data fed digital outputs spread through the showroom: photos, videos, work address, upcoming events, birth reminders, faved artists and foods. All this info was used to personalize the experience inside the showroom, creating a unique visit, making people feel as that apartment was already theirs.