2013 Results

CAT 41 - Public Interest Interactive (INT)


Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (UNITED KINGDOM)

Kids Company, Kids Company - Children's Charity: "Make it Stop"41-00252-INT

URL: http://digital.151awards.com/awards/makeitstop

Agency (& City): AMVBBDO, LONDON

Creative Director(s): ALEX GRIEVE, ADRIAN ROSSI

Copywriter(s): ANTONIA CLAYTON

Art Director(s): ELIOT WYKES

Production Company (& City): AMV LAB

Film Director(s): KATYA CHITOVA

Production Company Producer(s): LUIZA CRUZ-FLADE



Thousands of children in London suffer the appalling effects of neglect every single day.

Kids Company can stop this but they face two significant challenges: awareness (no one knows about children’s suffering) and money (people don’t donate if they’re not aware).

To highlight the relentlessness of the children’s suffering, we utilised the short and looping nature of Twitter Vine and created three hard-hitting 6 second video clips - from a boy eating out of a bin to a girl sleeping on cardboard.

Each one punctuated with a motivating appeal to the user to ‘make it stop’.

Twitter Vine was perfect, not only for reaching out, but also for its zero cost and ‘immediate’ appeal.

And the originality in our creative not only lies in utilising Vine’s functionality of hard-hitting films that loop (whilst urging the user to ‘make it stop’ by donating) but also through the campaign being one of the first on Vine since its launch to actually address a serious social issue.