2013 Results

CAT 41 - Public Interest Interactive (INT)


McCann Tel Aviv (ISRAEL)

Shorashim Group, Donations for Elderly People: "Donate with Style"41-00583-INT

URL: http://www.mdigital.co.il/Shorashim/Roots/

Agency (& City): McCann Digital Israel

Creative Director(s): Ami Alush

Copywriter(s): Tal Schweiger

Art Director(s): Nir Hersztadt

Short explanation

In Israel there are thousands of elderly people in need, but most young people simply don't care about them. So we found a way to reach those young people and get them to donate to Shorashim Group – an organization that provides food for elderly people in need.
We created an original vintage brand called "Roots", with clothes that those elderly people didn't need anymore. We made a fashion shoot with well-known models and created an online store with the items. Billboards, banners in major websites and fashion blogs promoted the brand and the project reached almost every news and entertainment media channel in the country.
Within 2 weeks, all of the items were sold, with all of the proceeds donated back to Shorashim Group.


Shorashim Group is an organization that provides elderly people in need with holiday meals throughout the year