2013 Results

CAT 41 - Public Interest Interactive (INT)


Lowe Brindfors (SWEDEN)

Friends, Anti-bullying organisation: "The Bullying Simulator"41-01780-INT

Agency (& City): Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm

Executive Creative Director: Rickard Villard

Communications Manager: Andreas Drufva, Jo Barker

Creative: Kalle Dos Santos

Creative: Henning Wijkmark

Creative: Josephine Wallin

Digital Producer: Markus Björk

Digital Producer: Tobias Löfgren

Account Director: Peter Preisler

Account Director: Magnus Wretblad

Production: Magnus Wretblad

Production film: Folke Film

Short explanation

We post, share and like. But social media has a flipside. 29 % of all Swedish teens have been bullied online. We wanted to send a message to social media corporations.

Our solution was a Facebook application letting users experience the world of a bullied teen. You log in and everything is normal. Then it all changes. Your friends turn against you, your timeline is filled with hatred and your photos are commented on in a degrading way.