2013 Results

CAT 42 - Health, Beauty & Fashion Interactive (INT)


Netural GmbH (AUSTRIA)

Silhouette International Schmied AG, iMirror Public Installation: "Silhouette iMirror Public"42-01787-INT

URL: http://www.netural.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Silhouette_iMirror_public.zip

Agency : Netural GmbH

Creative Directors: Albert Ortig, George El Khoury

Art Director: Martina Winkler

Technical Lead: Markus Pargfrieder

Technical Research: Markus Pargfrieder, Andreas Atteneder & Markus Kügerl

Programmer: Andreas Atteneder

3D Content: Christian Holzer & Martin Sighart

Product Design: Mario Zeppetzauer (formquadrat Gmbh)

Short explanation

The Silhouette iMirror Public serves two strategic goals: One is producing brand awareness, interest and preference by producing a completely new, exciting shopping experience. The other is nourishing the relations with Silhouette sales outlets by offering innovative, convincing and efficient sales support – in this case by effectively extending the sales floor while boosting customer frequency.

The Silhouette iMirror had earlier been successful as a web-based pre-sales marketing instrument and subsequently as a mobile app. Now Silhouette wanted to bring the system to shopping mall environments, something which took the developers to uncharted territory.

Creating a convincing “life-size” interactive display required a tricky combination of augmented reality, motion-controlled interactivity and 3D. One major challenge was the development of a simple, intuitive and comprehensible set of gestures which enabled casual viewers to control the device. Another was the creation of reliable, convincing large-format 3D visualisations which synchronise the movement of two elements – the face and the eyeglasses.

In a strictly user experience-driven development process, the Netural Lab combined carefully handpicked off-the-shelf technologies, including RGB-D cameras, Faceshift face recognition software and a customized Kinect motion control for X-Box game consoles. They succeded in creating a spectacular interactive display, capable of boosting the success of both brand and outlet. Silhouette iMirror Public turned out to be a digital signage mirror application with serious impact, something which earlier, mostly technology-driven digital signage mirror prototypes often lacked.


The Silhouette iMirror Public is a life-size digital signage mirror which premiered this summer at Vienna International Airport. It offers the user a wide choice of virtual 3D Silhouette eyeglass models to fit into a Full-HD 3D representation of his/her face, smoothly synchronising the movement of the eyeglasses and the face. With simple, intuitive gestures, users can view their new look from all angles - and then switch to the next model.