2013 Results

CAT 42 - Health, Beauty & Fashion Interactive (INT)



Geox, Waterproof shoes: "7 Days of Rain"42-02692-INT

URL: http://amphibiox.geox.com/amphibiox2013/en_GB/thetest

Agency (& City): SMFB Oslo

Copywriter(s): Thomas Askim

Art Director(s): Eirik Stensrud, Morten Borgestad

Photographer(s): Mennos Mans

Production Company (& City): MediaMonks Hilversum

Film Director(s): Rogier Schalken, Tom Rijpert

Production Company Producer(s): Joris Pol, Quinten Beek

Graphic Design: Magnus Snickars, Stina Nordegren, Sverrir Brynjolfsson

Interactive Director: Jouke Vuurmans

Agency Producer(s): Christoffer Lorang Dahl

Account Director: Kristian Kristiansen

Client: Richard Holley

Client: Luigi Garbuio

Account manager: Silje Hvideberg Tobiassen

Short explanation

To promote the 2013 Amphibiox urban waterproof shoes collection we let one man live for 7 days in nonstop rain, in sunny Barcelona. Special build clouds where made to keep the test subject in constant rain and each day was laid out to replicate real life events: A day as a tourist, working a day job and going on a date was just a few of the tasks carried out under the rain. An interactive documentary allows the users to freely navigate trough the seven days and experience his struggle. An interactive layer allows the user to explore how the experiment was made, and see special phantom shots of the shoes and more detailed information about the Amphibiox technology.


Amphibiox is a new waterproof shoe collection created by Geox. The product is next generation when it comes to urban footwear, both waterproof and with unique breathability.