2013 Results

CAT 42 - Health, Beauty & Fashion Interactive (INT)



Domyos (Oxylane Group), Cardio-Training Practice and Textile «Cardio» line: "Taichiphop"42-03314-INT

URL: http://happytomorrow.fr/FESTIVALS/2013/DOMYOS-Taichiphop/

Agency (& City): FRED & FARID SHANGHAI

Executive Creative Director: Fred & Farid

Creative Director: Feng Huang

Art Directors: Laurent Leccia, Ying Zhang

Copywriter: Laurent Leccia

Production Company: Les Telecreateurs

Film Director: Stephanie Di Giusto

Production Company Producer: Helene Daubert

Agency Producers: Alexandra Marik, Terry Jin

D.O.P: Shawn Kim

Editing Company: Les Telecreateurs

Post Production: Digital District Shanghai

Advertiser's Supervisor: Berengere Mangin

Account Manager: Guillaume Leroux

Short explanation

French fitness brand Domyos wanted to emerge in China but there was a problem of credentials, because France is not the country of sports, even less of fitness.

The brief was to create immediate affection for Domyos in China, not to be perceived as French but as the only International brand making benefits and pleasure of fitness accessible to all.

Instead of pushing fitness rules, we conceived a tailor-made sport for chinese people, by re-inventing the traditional in a modern context: finding the most known ancestral sport in China which fits with Domyos’ discipline (Tai-Chi-Chuan), and to mix it with the best western sport that can echoe (Hip-Hop). We named it Tai-Chip-Hop.

Tai-Chip-Hop was promoting through a video star introducing the gesture, which inspired many parodies, a giant training area in Shanghai, an initiation tour in China and an online platform with tips to learn.

During 7 weeks of orchestration, Domyos sales went over 80% and 479,798,778 netizens follow the Tai-Chip-Hop story on chinese social media Weibo.