2013 Results

CAT 43 - Automotive Interactive (INT)


Leo Burnett Germany (GERMANY)

Fiat Group Automobiles Germany AG, Abarth 500: "#ZeroFollowers"43-00335-INT

URL: http://www.abarth500zerofollowers.com/

Agency (& City): Leo Burnett Frankfurt

Creative Director(s): Joerg Hoffmann, Daniela Ewald

Copywriter(s): Benjamin Merkel

Art Director(s): Helge Kniess, Viktor Kislovskij

Programmer(s): Viktor Kislovskij

Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli

Short explanation

We sent the Abarth 500 down the digital fast lane and conveyed its racing car feel in an online environment. While brands usually use Twitter to try and get as many followers and as much coverage as possible, we used the online platform in a radically different way. Our idea: you cannot follow a super-fast car. We therefore opened the world’s first Twitter account that could not be followed. Anyone who tried was mercilessly left in the dust then received an instant message inviting them to take a test drive on a well-known race track.


The Abarth 500 is the Fiat 500’s ultra-fast sibling. A highly tuned machine. A cult car among fans.