2013 Results

CAT 43 - Automotive Interactive (INT)



Volkswagen, Golf GTI: "GTI Bannerbahn"43-03137-INT

URL: http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2013/gtibannerbahn/

Agency (& City): ACHTUNG Amsterdam

Short explanation

With the first Golf GTI, Volkswagen set the standard for years to come. 7 models and 210 extra horsepower later, we were asked to proof that the newest GTI is still the unbeatable, aggressive hot-hatch.

So we gave everybody the chance to see if they could keep up with the GTI, by turning the slowest performing advertising medium into a racetrack, GTI Bannerbahn. A real-life race across the 4 biggest websites of Holland, broadcasted live with an audience of 2.5 million viewers trying to beat our GTI. A live stream in the banners showed a real GTI racing across websites that were painted on asphalt, while being chased by thousands of online players.


Golf GTI