2013 Results

CAT 44 - Media & Entertainment Interactive (INT)



Musée de la Grande Guerre du pays de Meaux: "Musée de la Grande Guerre"44-00802-INT

URL: http://www.festivalscampaignsonline.com/MGG/Facebook1914/

Agency (& City): DDB Paris

Creative Director(s): Alexandre Hervé

Copywriter(s): Jean-François Bouchet

Art Director(s): Emmanuel Courteau / Alice Labau

Community Manager: Marion Meyer

Community Manager: Jean-Christophe Graebling

-: Special Thanks To Jean-Pierre Verney/Historian/Specialist Of Ww1.

Short explanation

We did not create a usual brand page about history, but a page that really looked like a personal
profile : Leon Vivien's one. An ordinary young guy torn apart from his wife and family to be
thrown into WW1 slaughter. And day after day, week after week, we told his thoughts, joys and
fears through hundreds of posts illustrated by dozens of documents picked from the museum
On the 10th of april 2013, we held a huge press conference. 600 journalists had been sent an
invitation looking like the french draft notification of 1914. Ten month of posts were already
available on the profile and from this day, we added some new ones everyday.
We turned history into a human story. A story that anyone could follow like a serie. A story that
made the young frenchies subtly realize how lucky they were to live in a peaceful country.


The Museum of the Great War opened in 2011 with a double aim : to offer a new vision of World
War 1 (a more «shoulder-high» vision), and of course to promote the duty to remember. That is
why they wanted so much to connect with the young generations.
Now, it is a fact : in France as in many other parts of the world, the young people spend more
time on the social networks than... in war museums. So we had to find a new way to get them
interested in WW1.
Facebook seemed the perfect place to target them. Because this is where they tell everything
about their life. Their carefree, peaceful life. And we thought : what if facebook had existed in
1914 ? Just imagine what they would have posted.