2013 Results

CAT 44 - Media & Entertainment Interactive (INT)


Anorak (NORWAY)

Kaizers Orchestra, Violeta Violeta Vol.3: "Kaizervirus"44-01351-INT

URL: http://kaizervirus.com/casestudy/

Agency (& City): Anorak Oslo / HES / Notch

Creative Director(s): Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg, Jens-Petter Aarhus

Copywriter(s): Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg, Jens-Petter Aarhus

Art Director(s): Jens-Petter Aarhus, Henning Gjerde, Eirik Johansen, Simen Øian Gjermundsen

Film Director(s): Lars Klevberg

Graphic Design: Martin Kvamme

Programmer(s): Simen Øian Gjermundsen, Christopher Einardsrud, Sveinung Kval Bakken

Short explanation

To launch and promote the band Kaizers Orchestras latest record, Violeta Violeta Vol.3, we designed the album like a virus. Through an Android/iPhone application we released songs 1 month before the official release in the form of viruses. To get access to the songs you had to get infected by the kaizervirus. To get infected you simply had to be nearby someone who was already infected by the specific song.


Violeta Violeta Vol.3 is Kaizers Orchestras final album of the Violeta Violeta trilogy. Its an album recorded together with Stavanger Symphonic Orchestra.