2013 Results

CAT 44 - Media & Entertainment Interactive (INT)


Sancho BBDO Worldwide Inc (COLOMBIA)

El Tiempo Newspaper, eltiempo.com: "Voice Bank"44-01665-INT

Agency (& City): Sancho BBDO Worldwide Inc (Bogota)

Creative Director(s): Giovanni Martinez, Hugo Corredor, Gustavo Zapata, Diego Ortiz, Alejandro Bermudez

Copywriter(s): Alejandro Bermudez, Diego Ortiz

Art Director(s): Paloma Lario, Gustavo Zapata

Production Company (& City): Lotto Films, Sancho BBDO In house (Bogota)

Film Director(s): Felipe Rueda

Production Company Producer(s): Carlos Vergara

Agency Producer(s): Ana Maria Arango

Illustrator(s): Gustavo Zapata

Graphic Design: Paloma Lario

Programmer(s): Francisco Delgado

Account Director: Monica Nieto, Lena Garcia, Alejandra Hernandez

User Experience: Paula Tejada

Marketing Director: Tatiana Vergara

Short explanation

Just clicking ELTIEMPO.COM, the Web Site from the most important newspaper in the Country, any sighted person will be able to read a news article out loud and record it immediately so its also available for the blind people in the site www.bancodevoz.org In www.bancodevoz.org, blind people can to list the news, read by hundreds of Colombians, replacing the robotic voices that some devices use, with a human voice. Just pressing one key on their keyboard, blind people can surf the web, as any other people would on a call center service, using their hearing sense and the number keys on their keyboard.


El Tiempo is the most important newspaper in Colombia because it reach most of the country´s population. However, there´s a group of colombians that we hadn't be able to reach until now: the blind people. That´s why we create The Voice Bank, a platform that turns our readers into voice donors, so the blind people can hear the news for free readed by human voices.