2013 Results

CAT 46 - Online Ads (INT)


Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann (AUSTRIA)

XXXLutz KG/ moemax furniture store, Moemax Curtains for Internet: "Banner-Curtain"46-02166-INT

URL: http://entries.at/moemax/2013/bannervorhang_EN/

Agency (& City): Demner. Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna

Creative Director(s): Rene Pichler, Alistair Thompson

Copywriter(s): Alistair Thompson, Daniel Wagner

Art Director(s): Lukas Hueter (Jr. Art Director)

Programmer(s): Matthias Dorer

Online Producer: Andrea Raß, Dominik Wiesauer, Matthias Dorer

Account Supervisor: Andrea Kliment

Account Management: Siegfried Kaufmann

Account Management: Evelyn Zemplenyi

Short explanation

Moemax offers young, modern furniture in 36 stores in Germany and Austria. To reach the growing group of consumers, who are sick of banners, we developed a special plug in: the Banner-Curtain. It automatically hides every banner behind an actual moemax curtain.