2013 Results

CAT 47 - Online Films (INT)


Fighting Fish (FRANCE)

Nestle Waters, Perrier: "Perrier Secret Place"47-02426-INT

URL: http://vimeopro.com/quadprod/fighting-fish-perrier-secret-place

Agency (& City): Ogilvy FRANCE, PARIS

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt

Creative Directors: Frederic Levron/Thierry Chiumino

Art Director(s): Baptiste Clinet/Florian Bodet/Nicolas Lautier/Chris Rowson

Copywriters: Baptiste Clinet/Nicolas Lautier/Florian Bodet

Head Of Production: Laure Bayle

Agency Producers: Hugo Diaz/Diane De Bretteville/Cyril Duval/Sandra Petrus

Account Management: Constance Capy-Baudeau/Stanislas Vert

Production Company & City: Fighting Fish, Clichy France

Film Director: Laurent King

Production Company Producers: Olivier DOMERC/Benjamin PRZESPOLEWSKI/Cyril COUVE DE MURVILLE / Adrien MOISSON

Story Development: Olivier DOMERC

Digital Director: Benjamin PRZESPOLEWSKI

Technical Director: Sami Meziani

Director of Photography: Frédéric MARTIAL WETTER

Production Manager: Caroline Petruccelli

Production Designer: Arnaud Roth

Advertiser's Supervisors: Muriel Koch/Fabienne Bravard/Armelle Roulland

Location manager: Timothée TALANDIER

Post production & VFX: DIGITAL DISTRICT

Post producer: Cédric HERBET

Editor: Anthony ORNECQ

VFX supervisor: Vincent GUTTMANN

Sound: Franck Marchal/Alexandra Poirier

Main title music: TOYS

Short explanation

We designed the digital experience PerrierSecretPlace to enable people to party in a way they never could before, but have always dreamed about. It's the first interactive film that puts you in the shoes of a guest at a very special party, where they live their craziest fantasies. To do so, all characters that you see on screen are clickable. By playing their role, you can live their fantasy. Choose among 60 lives, and as many fantasies as you want. There are almost 10,000 different ways to experience this party, conceived with a real movie studio production for 18 months. To give users the opportunity to continue the party in real life, there's a hidden a secret Perrier bottle somewhere in the party. If found, it could give the user the chance to win an exclusive invitation and go to one of the craziest parties all around the world.