2013 Results

CAT 47 - Online Films (INT)



Arbeiderpartiet (The Labour Party), Arbeiderpartiet: "Taxi Stoltenberg"47-02647-INT

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq7LTnwS7Bs

Agency (& City): TRY/ Apt

Copywriter(s): Lars Joachim Grimstad

Art Director(s): Egil Pay

Production Company (& City): Pravda

Film Director(s): Mikkel Sandemose

Production Company Producer(s): Erik Schøien/ Mette Waaberg

Agency Producer(s): Cathrine Wennersten

Account Directors: Kjetil Try/ Morten Polmar

Designer: Marianne Eskeland

Short explanation

After 8 years in government, The Norwegian Labour Party was struggling in the polls.
4 weeks before the election, The Conservative Party was leading the polls by a wide margin.

The Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, was criticized for being distant and out of touch with the man in the street.

We wanted to show the real Prime Minister, with all his passion and devotion for the Norwegian people.

So we gave the Prime Minister a day off. And put him where real politics are discussed, by real people. In a taxi. In downtown Oslo. And filmed the whole thing, of course.